Administrative Services

We offer services of administrative support for small businesses and the self-employed.


Company: Accounting, labor, taxation and filing.

Associations: Accounting, labor, taxation and filing.

Communities: Accounting and archiving.


Traffic: Change of name, registration, transport card…

City Councils: Work permits, cadastre debts…

Other institutions and organizations: Finance resources…

Other services: Immigration, sworn translations…


Life: Life, accidents and deaths.

Health: Health care, Personal care, Hospitalization allowance and Reimbursement.

Vehicle: Cars and boats.

Home: Home and communities.

Civil liability: RC for individuals, RC for education, commerce and Leisure and RC for hunting and fishing.

The principal function of Stel, Serveis Administratius is…

to bring light into the administrative and organisational parts of the duties of professionals which, for various reasons, are left in the dark and become a nuisance, with the result that they have not enough time and/or space to concentrate on their main activities.

Nilza Machatine

Founder member of Stel Serveis Administratius

I come from Mozambique and have been in Barcelona since 2000, since I came here with the aim of taking advanced studies to be able to go on developing myself personally and professionally. 

With a Diploma in Business Sciences, Degree in Business Management, Master in Public Administration and Master as Executive Secretary, I am Nilza-Stélia Machatine, the founder member, a hardworking and enterprising person setting out on her own project.

Multifaceted, I have more than 20 years of experience in administrative work in Mozambique, Angola, Ethiopia and Spain, working in management, administration, accounting, invoicing and property administration departments in various businesses in the business and humanitarian sector.

The name Stel comes from a play of the words “estel” and “Stélia”

“Estel” is the star that shines on us every night and “Stélia” is my second name, and has been illuminating me throughout my life. Everyone has a guiding and illuminating star.

We want to be part of your team!


Offer you a professional services of quality, adapted to the client’s needs and with a commitment to teamwork.



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Changing the name for vehicles

Changing the name for vehicles

When we deal with a change of owner of a vehicle we own, we have to take into account a series of steps that have to be followed:

Tax and PTAs

Tax and PTAs

Knowledge of tax in relation to PTAs and their obligations to the Tax Authorities, now that we are in the middle of the time allowed for Income Tax Returns, is vital for good management.

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