About me

Nilza Machatine

Founder memeber of Stel Serveis Administratius

I come from Mozambique and have been in Barcelona since 2000, since I came here with the aim of taking advanced studies to be able to go on developing myself personally and professionally.

With a Diploma in Business Sciences, Degree in Business Management, Master in Public Administration and Master as Executive Secretary, I am Nilza-Stélia Machatine, the founder member, a hardworking and enterprising person setting out on her own project.

Multifaceted, I have more than 20 years of experience in administrative work in Mozambique, Angola, Ethiopia and Spain, working in management, administration, accounting, invoicing and property administration departments in various businesses in the business and humanitarian sector.

The name Stel comes from a play of the words “estel” and “Stélia”.

“Estel” is the star that shines on us every night and “Stélia” is my second name, and has been illuminating me throughout my life. Everyone has a guiding and illuminating star.

My values

01. Perfectionism:

I set very high standards and I make great efforts to achieve them. This means that I can guarantee the quality of work well done, always meeting the delivery dates arranged.

02. Honesty:

Sincerity is indispensable in carrying out this work. Empathy and justice in understanding people as I would like them to understand me. With respect and prudence, I say what I feel and what I think.

03. Loyalty:

Dedication and a commitment to attaining and defending objectives, even in difficult and changing moments. Discretion to give the clients tranquillity and win their confidence.

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